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When is it Time for a Logo Redesign?

Keeping your logo current is something every business owner needs to think about, regardless of industry, company size or years in business. A few weeks ago, while giving a presentation, I was asked, “When do I know it’s time to change my logo?” What a great question! Here are a few things to consider:

1. Your company/industry is evolving:

  • Today’s business landscape is constantly changing and your industry may be undergoing significant transformations. New technologies, market trends, and consumer preferences are constantly reshaping the competitive landscape. To stay relevant and competitive, your company must adapt and evolve along with these changes.

2. Your logo doesn't capture your brand:

  • Maybe your current logo fails to effectively convey the essence of your brand. Visual elements, fonts and colors that truly represent your company's identity, mission, and values, may be lacking. A logo should serve as a symbol that tells your company’s story, and if it falls short, it might be time for a change.

3. Your logo is old or too complex:

  • Outdated design elements (think: italicized fonts, drop shadows, gradients or bubbly text) end up dating your company’s identity. And logos with a lot of detail or too much gradient don’t often translate well to digital. Current design trends call for simplicity which also looks best on the web.

Once you’re set on a logo design, here are a few more things to consider:

How identifiable is your logo?

  • The more iconic your logo is, the more cautious a company needs to be when redesigning. Opt for subtle changes such a font update or new icon in lieu of an entire overhaul.

Make changes while honoring the past

  • You can be mindful of your company’s history by making small changes over time like updating the font or changing out an element.

How old is your logo?

  • If your company’s logo is decades old, it’s likely that it needs a revamp. A good rule of thumb is to revisit your logo every 5 to 7 years and sometimes a small change can breathe new life into your brand.

How important are current trends?

  • This is different for every industry and brand. Research current design trends for your company’s industry, but remember to use this simply as inspiration. Trends are fleeting and staying true to your brand and reflecting that in your logo is most important.

You are meant to LOVE your logo. Employing the help of a graphic designer, or at least starting with a collateral review, can help get the process started and alleviate feelings of overwhelm. Wherever you are in your marketing journey, Bluefish Designs is here to help.

About Bluefish Designs

Bluefish Designs helps passionate entrepreneurs, who value community, inclusivity, sustainability and kindness, and are looking to give their endeavor a visual voice. Our portfolio of services includes, logo design and branding, digital graphics and website design. Learn more at

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