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Refresh, Rebrand, Redesign

I’ve never considered myself a hoarder but being an artist, I love interesting “stuff”,  like magic markers and magazine clippings and mementos from my travels; little boxes that hold trinkets and tiny seashells; vintage blue jars and disco balls. The list goes on.  

One of my goals the last few months is to clean out my basement and create space in my home that is more “intentional” and purposeful for my current life.  I started the process a few months ago and work on it as I have time. Although I’ve made tremendous progress, some days I would love to call in an organizing professional (or a bulldozer) to help me with this task.  

As with your home, your health and everything in between, your company’s brand is something that should be consistently maintained and monitored.  

When looking to “declutter” your visual branding, consider these questions:

  1. What continues to resonate and what feels outdated?  Replacing a font or bringing in a new color can revitalize an old look.

  1. Are the copy and graphics on your website up-to-date? Think hair styles, clothing, wording, current affairs, policies. Review your website at least once a quarter (ask a friend or colleague with a sharp eye to do the same).  

  1. Are you being consistent with your messaging?  Consistency is key in branding.  Use your Style Guide as a “go to” source and add other elements  to spice things up.

And if you don’t have the time, support, or capacity to take a brand refresh, Bluefish is here to help (no bulldozer needed!)

About Bluefish Designs

Bluefish Designs helps passionate entrepreneurs, who value community, inclusivity, sustainability and kindness, and are looking to give their endeavor a visual voice. Our portfolio of services includes, logo design and branding, digital graphics and website design. Learn more at

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