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Breaking Down the Graphic Design Process

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Design is as personal as a fingerprint. Every color has meaning and significance; every font and graphic is curated with careful attention. In this installment of the blog, we’re breaking down the graphic design process as it relates to logo creation.

Almost always, the process begins with a creative brief. An information exchange between designer and client to sync on goals and objectives, target audience and competition, budget and timeline. The outcome yields a vague concept of design that should organically set the tone for a project and influence logo creation - is the client earthy and free spirited or disciplined and rigid? What colors and fonts work with the concept? What graphic represents your business without being “too” redundant or obvious?

And this is where the amusement of any graphic designer begins! Eventually, a design materializes before your eyes and so long as it aligns to that initial meeting with the client, you might very well be onto something. A word to the wise: it’s always a good idea to produce a variety of logo options to share with a client. And remember because design is personal, the client may have a vision of their own and you’re tasked with bringing it to life.

As the visual representation of a brand, the final logo design should have a compelling connection to the client. To learn more about Bluefish Designs and our graphic design process, we welcome connections and inquiries. Stay up to date on Bluefish's creative expressions and curiosities by following along with our newsletter. Sign up today on our homepage.

About Bluefish Designs

Bluefish Designs helps passionate entrepreneurs, who value community, inclusivity, sustainability and kindness, and are looking to give their endeavor a visual voice. Our portfolio of services includes, logo design and branding, digital graphics and website design. Learn more at

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