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A Gentle Start to the New Year

Updated: Jan 11

Hello 2024! And hello winter!

The holidays are in the rear view, decorations are packed (getting there…) and winter is settling in. 

Although, I utilize this time to set goals and reflect on the past year’s accomplishments.  I also employ this “slow season” as a time to rest and regroup.  

For those who try to do the same, I recommend a book I discovered, “The Little Book of Hygge”, which is helping me embrace this time rather than endlessly wishing for Spring to arrive.

Hygge, a Danish term, loosely translates as a “sense of comfort, togetherness, and well-being”.  It is enjoying the moment and the simple pleasures of everyday life.  

Light some candles and cuddle up, spend an evening with dear friends, make your favorite winter soup…all of these are ‘hygge’.  

May this new year be filled with peace, joy, and at least a dash of coziness to not only get us through this winter, but to help us actually enjoy the beauty of the present. For spring always comes again.

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