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Unwrapping Unique Christmas Traditions

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

During this holiday season, many of us eagerly anticipate our favorite traditions. As a creative soul with a passion for art and design, the holidays take on a unique and artistic flair for me. From an ugly sweater cookie contest, a pink Christmas tree, and a “Thrift Store” Dinner with family and friends, my artsy-design side goes into overdrive. It's all about creating, having fun, and building a strong community that lasts long after the holiday season.

1. Ugly Sweater Cookie Design Contest:

In the spirit of holiday fun, we have an "Ugly Sweater Cookie Design Contest." It’s a lighthearted competition to decorate the most comically terrible Christmas sweater  cookies. A tradition that began at my Mom’s house many years ago. 

2. A Unique Pink Christmas Tree

In addition to a green tree, I have a pink Christmas tree! I love it so much, I kept it displayed in my work space for an entire year.  It reflects my love for art, design and the power of color.  It also stands as a testament of how design can infuse a sense of individuality into your holiday decor and traditions.  

3. Thrift Store Dinner

A couple of years ago, my husband and our kids joined his sister and her family’s tradition: “Thrift Store Dinner”.  The basics are we have teams of two, draw names, dress the person according to their size (shop mostly second-hand — to be eco-conscious and it’s part of the fun!), and meet up for a night out of dinner and shopping for a charity.  It’s been the most incredible new way for us to connect and something we now look forward to every year.

Traditions, new and old, serve as inspiration to infuse creativity, design and fun into the holiday season.  Remember to embrace your uniqueness and enjoy the magic of the season with those around you.

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