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Summer Fun and Balance

Everyone needs to hit the reset button sometimes. Luckily for me, the summer months present the perfect opportunity to press pause on life’s occasionally chaotic moments. As the season unfolds, I fully intend to take in Mother Nature’s handiwork - I’m talking mountain vistas and vibrant sunsets, shooting stars and trees of every variety and more. I’ll cash in on rest and find a bit of relaxation, too, all while allowing myself to get lost in the soundtrack of summer, with singing birds, crashing waves and more.

First on the summer agenda, I headed for a long weekend in San Diego with my daughter. We had no set plans, no agenda and certainly no schedule. I kept my eyes peeled for new favorites as I toured the pristine beaches and experienced interesting and unique neighborhoods.

In later weeks, I’m sneaking away to a sweet slice of heaven with my husband and dog to sleep under the stars along the Crystal River in Carbondale, Colo. We’ll hike among the infamous Maroon Bells, and lounge riverside to catch a few fish and listen to the water as it ripples by.

While away from home and out of sync with my “normal” schedule, I remind myself to be fully present in each passing moment. What are your plans for summer? And do you find your balance?

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