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Dogs and Design

Our pets mean so much to us and bring so much joy to our lives.  It’s no wonder we are seeing them pop up everywhere in the mainstream market.  On the daily, you can see dog friendly restaurants, cat cafes, dog washes, and stores solely dedicated to our furry friends.

Incorporating animals into visual storytelling has become a trend that not only adds a touch of warmth but also captures the heart. 

I've had so many fun projects incorporating animals into design. From brand logos to digital graphics for a car wash offering a “dog wash service” to a logo for a local publishing company specializing in children’s books. Pet designs are suitable for all industries!

When it comes to creating brand identities, logos play a pivotal role in communicating a company's values and spirit. When tasked with creating the logo and branding materials for Red Hazel Communications, we embraced the opportunity to infuse personality and charm into every aspect of the design. The playful dog energy and unwavering loyalty became symbolic of Red Hazel Communications' commitment to creativity, authenticity, and building meaningful connections. From business cards to website favicons, every design element reflected the spirit of collaboration and companionship, setting Red Hazel Communications apart in a competitive market.

As I brainstorm ideas, sketch concepts, and bring designs to life, my own dog, Stella, offers her unwavering companionship that reminds me of the profound bond between humans and pets—a bond that transcends words and finds expression through art and design.

Incorporating animals into graphic design isn't just about aesthetics; it's about storytelling. Our pets have a unique ability to evoke emotions, forge connections, and convey messages that resonate with audiences on a deeper level. Whether they're gracing book covers, starring in brand logos, or serving as beloved mascots, animals add a touch of authenticity and warmth to every design they inhabit. As a graphic designer, I embrace the opportunity to celebrate this timeless bond, infusing our creations with the playful spirit and unwavering loyalty of our canine companions.

About Bluefish Designs

Bluefish Designs helps passionate entrepreneurs, who value community, inclusivity, sustainability and kindness, and are looking to give their endeavor a visual voice. Our portfolio of services includes, logo design and branding, digital graphics and website design. Learn more at

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