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5 Tips to Maintain Brand Recognition

Everyone hears the term branding, but what does it really mean? A company’s brand is much more than just a logo, although that is the first thing everyone associates with it. So how do you maintain the visual integrity and recognition of your brand? Here are some tips:

  1. Ensure that your logo represents your brand values, and is always utilized according to the brand standards your company sets. What does this mean? Target is one of the brands that most people can name immediately, and it is partially because they have always maintained the same brand standards, and they utilize the logo consistently and appropriately. (I swear, I shop at other places!) but Target is a great example as they provide an easy and visually fun experience that consistently reflects their core values.

  2. Be Consistent in EVERY material and digital channel you produce. Make sure you have your style guide with colors and fonts easily accessible to everyone in the organization. Also, ensure that logos are available in every file type so that it always looks consistent, visually appealing and is utilized appropriately in print materials, digital materials and everything in between. Make it easy for your organization to present your brand consistently, and set a high standard for your team.

  3. Talk openly about how important your brand is, and make sure everyone understands your brand fully as YOU see it. It can be easy to assume everyone in your organization understands your brand and brand values, but this may not be the case. Make sure the entire organization understands fully what your brand means, and why it is so important that it is presented consistently. Don’t leave the door open for others to interpret your brand; it should be protected and presented as you see it.

  4. Incorporate visuals into your onboarding process. Include the elevator pitch and/or slogan and supply your new and current employees with fun, branded swag and start a brand ambassador program.

  5. Add supporting materials to your logo. For example, Red Hazel Communications wanted to incorporate a dog image into the logo, because the company is named after two of the owners’ dogs. Bluefish created a paw print as the submark, along with a color palette that appropriately supported the name Red Hazel. We will get creative with you to have fun, because brands can be fun, functional and professional too.

Your visual brand is an expression of your company and the place you can get creative. Have fun with it! Whether you are starting a new company or looking for a brand refresh, Bluefish would be happy to assist you with your process.

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